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Scissornecks & Extendables Overview

Lincoln County Scissor neck trailer

Discover the Power of Peerless Scissorneck Trailers

In the market for a top-notch scissor neck trailer? At Peerless Trailers, we have a premium selection of scissorneck trailers designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industries - including oil & gas, drilling & well servicing, and heavy construction. Founded in 1944, the Peerless brand has become synonymous with innovation, quality, and reliability.

Why Choose Peerless Scissor Neck Trailers for Your Hauling Needs?

  • Innovative Design: Our scissors neck trailers boast an innovative design featuring a hydraulic folding neck for seamless loading and unloading, ensuring efficiency in every haul.
  • Versatility in Hauling: Whether you're transporting heavy equipment, machinery, or other payloads, our scissorneck trailers with a flatbed design and spring or air ride suspension provide the stability and reliability you need.
  • Flip Neck Technology: Experience unparalleled convenience with our flip neck technology, allowing for easy maneuverability and adaptability on the road.
  • Specialized Features: Peerless scissorneck trailers come equipped with live roll, pickup throat, beavertail, multiple king pin settings, and tandem/tridem jeep options, ensuring that your specific clearance and hauling requirements are met.
At Peerless, we understand that every job is unique. That's why our scissorneck trailers offer a range of customizable options, including brakes, axles, tires, and lights. Tailor your trailer with a customized overall width and length to fit your exact specifications.  

Tandem Jeep and Tridem Jeep Trailers

Maximize your hauling capabilities with our tandem and tridem jeep trailers. Whether you need a single axle booster, tandem, or jeep to haul heavy equipment, Peerless / Scona is a name you can trust. Built for strength and durability, our beavy duty equipment jeeps provide the additional support needed for heavy loads, making them an ideal choice for the toughest jobs.  

Serving Canada and the USA from Penticton, BC

Based in the picturesque city of Penticton, BC, Canada, our company serves the Canadian markets as Peerless Trailers and the US market as Scona. Our central location allows us to efficiently deliver quality scissorneck trailers to meet the demands of North America's dynamic industries - including wind energy, forestry in BC, and oil & gas in Alberta and Texas. With our commitment to Lean Flow production lines and a production team boasting an average seniority of 15 years, we ensure precision and expertise in every trailer we deliver.   Peace of Mind with Financing and Warranty: At Peerless Trailers, we believe in providing a complete solution for our customers. That's why we offer flexible financing options, making it easier for you to acquire the scissor neck trailer you need in time with your schedule. Our trailers come with a comprehensive 1-year structure, paint finish, electrical, and air component warranty, ensuring your investment is protected.   Explore our scissorneck trailers for sale today, and please contact us for additional information.