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Lowbeds & Lowboy Trailers for Sale

New & Used Lowboy Trailer Inventory


Browse our new and used lowboy trailer inventory, specialized heavy-duty trailers designed to haul heavy equipment, industrial machinery, and large vehicles for industries like construction, oil & gas, wind energy, and forestry. The name "Lowboy trailer" refers to the low deck height of these trailers, which allows for easy load and unload of tall, bulky, and heavy cargo. The design includes a dropped deck or bed that sits closer to the ground compared to standard trailers, providing greater stability during transportation. Our lowboy trailers feature multiple axle designs (tandem axle, tri axle, and quantum), heavy duty wheels, multiple brake types (drum brakes, disc brakes, air brakes), and air suspension to ensure even weight stability on the road. Lowboys typically have a detached neck located at the front of the trailer to facilitate loading and unloading. Lowboy trailers are a vital asset in the logistics and trucking sectors in our home territory of BC and Alberta, Canada. Need a heavy haul lowboy trailer with a specific deck length or overall length? Looking for the right lowboy trailer for sale? Browse our inventory or contact ius to discuss your needs at (866) 657-2662, or by email at [email protected]