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Semi Truck Headache Racks

Peerless Trailer Cabguards | Semi Headache Rack

Industry-leading semi truck headache racks (cab guards) designed, tested and manufactured to protect truck drivers and withstand the challenges of the semi trucks in the Western Canadian market. Established in 1944, our heritage mirrors an enduring dedication to quality, reliability, and innovation with best-in-class designs. Operating as Peerless in Canada and Scona in the United States, we employ Lean Flow production lines and boast an experienced staff with an average seniority of 15 years for the top 50 production team members, accumulating over 900 years of combined service.

What is a Headache Rack for Semi Trucks?

A headache rack for a semi-truck, also known as a cab guard, is a protective barrier installed behind the cab of the truck, typically in the form of a metal frame or grille made of aluminum or steel. Its primary purpose is to protect the truck’s cab and its occupants from shifting cargo in the event of a sudden stop or collision. The name “headache rack” comes from its ability to prevent cargo from intruding into the cab and causing injury to the driver or passengers. The cab guard also provides a mounting point for additional lights, flags, cabinets, tool boxes, and other accessories.

Peerless cab guard headache rack for semi trucks product brochure

Built with high grade aluminum or stainless steel as an option, the rugged Peerless design has been tested onsite under its full rated cargo capacity of 56,380 KG by our product experts. With decades of industry experience, our semi truck cab guards will give you peace of mind knowing you have a Peerless cabguard between you and the load.

Peerless offers Shortwood Cabguards; Pole Trailer Cabguards; Vancouver Island Cabguards (water cooled brakes, and over-the-cab protectors); Highway Cabguards, plus a variety of custom semi cab guard models and options.

Peerless semi headache racks have been designed and tested in accordance with WorkSafeBC Forestry Operations Regulation section 26.65 and British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act Regulations (BC MVR) section 35.07.

Custom Headache Racks | Semi Truck Cab Racks

For a custom cab rack with add ons like a tool box, chain hangers, split trays, and customizations like a jail bar window, your own logo, paint color, and customized tail, signal, and brake lights, contact our sales team today or complete the form below.

Black cab guard by Peerless
Rugged Peerless Cab Guard for semi trucks


Peerless Cabguard Features:

  • Oversized window opening for maximum visibility

  • Recessed license plate holder with LED light

  • Standard with tail, signal, and brake lights mounted to top cabguard. Additional lights available as an option

  • Standard with checker plate backing. Expanded metal or stainless steel available as an option

  • TruckLite sealed junction box mounted inside of uprights providing maximum protection from the elements. Ready for truck installation

  • Standard with shortwood gussets for maximum clearance to staked trailers and u-bolt mounts

  • Standard with Shovel and axle holder mounted to front of cab guard. Rear mounting kit as an option. (page 85 for cab guards)


  • VIEW OUR PARTS BOOK (page 85 for cab guards)