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Lowbeds to Superhaulers

Heavy Haul Trailers

Peerless heavy haulers are tough and proven designs, with lowest tare weights, and greatest resale values giving you the lowest total cost of ownership.


Heavy-haul trailers designed for the work you do and the places where you do it. Heavy-haul trailers, from Scona and Peerless, are designed to carry the maximum load and give you the ultimate return on your investment. They’re custom-built to your requirements so that they do exactly what you need them to do—nothing more, nothing less. We use high-strength steels in the manufacture of our heavy-haul trailers, resulting in as little weight as possible but maximum durability. We’ll help you choose the configuration that allows you to optimize operations while ensuring you stay in compliance in the jurisdiction where the work will be completed. Check our heavy-haul trailer line today.