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Heavy Haul Jeep Trailers

Trailer Jeeps

Welcome to Peerless Trailers in Penticton, BC, Canada – experts in heavy haul trailers, parts, jeeps, and boosters for construction, oil & gas, forestry, and wind energy. We manufacture a wide range of trailer jeeps for sale to meet your heavy-hauling needs – including single axle, tandem axle, tridem axle, quad axle, sliding, 16 wheel, and 24 wheel. If you are hauling heavy cargo and need extra axles to distribute weight on your next route, you can count on Peerless to safely transport any oversized and extraordinarily heavy loads. Contact our sales team today at 250.492.0408 or toll free at 866.657.2662


A Trailer Jeep, often referred to as a "jeep dolly" or "jeep trailer," is a separate unit equipped with additional axles and wheels that connect immediately to the rear of your trailer, or to the front of your load. Jeep axles add length and effectively redistribute your load weight, which improves your stability and increases your load capacity on the road. With adjustable distance settings and everything from single to quad axle configurations, Peerless trailer jeeps give you the flexibility to accommodate a variety of cargo length and width dimensions. By significantly adding more axles and load-bearing capacity, our Trailer Jeeps make heavy-duty transportation safe & efficient, keep you in compliance with weight regulations, and preventing damage to roads & bridges. Trust in our inventory of vehicles, trailer jeeps, boosters, and trailer parts. Experience better control, stability, safety, and a seamless heavy-hauling experience.