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Jeeps Tridem

Jeeps Tridem Overview

Why Choose Peerless Tridem Jeep Trailers?

Precision Weight Distribution

Our Tridem Jeep Trailers are engineered for precision weight distribution. When you're dealing with exceptionally heavy or oversized loads, ensuring that the weight is evenly distributed across your trailer axles is paramount. Peerless Tridem Jeep Trailers make this process seamless, helping you comply with weight regulations and keep your cargo secure.

Adjustable Positioning

Flexibility is key in the transportation industry. With our Tridem Jeep Trailers, you have the power to adjust the positioning of the auxiliary trailer along the main trailer's length. Tailor the setup to your cargo's specific requirements and achieve the perfect weight distribution every time.

Specialized Applications

Whether you're moving construction equipment, machinery, or large industrial components, Peerless Tridem Jeep Trailers are up to the task. These trailers are designed to excel in specialized applications, including the transportation of oversize or overweight loads like wind turbine components and modular homes.

Regulatory Compliance

We understand that navigating the complex world of transportation regulations can be challenging. That's why our Tridem Jeep Trailers are your ticket to compliance. When you choose Peerless, you're choosing a partner that helps you secure the necessary permits and adhere to strict regulations with ease.

Canadian Quality

Proudly Canadian, Peerless is located in the stunning city of Penticton, BC. Our commitment to quality, safety, and innovation reflects the values of our great nation. When you invest in a Peerless Tridem Jeep Trailer, you're investing in Canadian excellence.