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Trailer Jeeps for Oil & Gas

Oilfield Jeeps

Welcome to Peerless Trailers in Penticton, BC, Canada – specialists in heavy-duty trailers and equipment catering to the construction, oil & gas, forestry, and wind energy sectors. We offer an extensive selection of Trailer Jeeps for sale, designed to address your heavy-hauling requirements. Our Trailer Jeeps and boosters are the trusted choice for securely transporting oversized and exceedingly weighty loads, particularly favored by the oil and gas industry. Whether you require additional axles for your upcoming journey, we have a diverse inventory available for sale, encompassing single axle, tandem axle, tridem axle, quad axle, sliding, 16 wheel, and 24 wheel options.


A Trailer Jeep, commonly known as a "jeep dolly" or "jeep trailer," constitutes an independent unit complete with its dedicated set of supplementary axles and wheels, designed to seamlessly connect to the rear of your truck. When linked to the front of your trailer or load, jeep axles extend the vehicle's length and efficiently redistribute the weight, markedly enhancing road stability. Offering adaptable distance configurations, our Trailer Jeeps present flexibility, accommodating a wide range of cargo dimensions. By substantially increasing the number of axles and load-bearing capability, our Trailer Jeeps ensure the safety and efficiency of heavy-duty transportation, fostering adherence to weight regulations and safeguarding against harm to roadways and bridges. Place your trust in our extensive vehicle inventory, encompassing trailer jeeps and boosters, to experience enhanced control, stability, safety, and a seamless heavy-hauling experience in Penticton, BC, Canada.