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Wind Blade Trailers Overview

Wind Turbine Blade Transport Trailer for Sale

wind turbine blade transport trailer by Peerless Trailers Welcome to Peerless a trailblazer in the transportation industry since 1944. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every detail of our wind turbine blade trailers, meticulously engineered for the North American wind energy market.

What is a Wind Blade Trailer?

A wind blade trailer is a specialized transport vehicle designed for the shipment of wind turbine blades from manufacturing facilities to wind farm sites. Wind turbine blades are typically large, lightweight structures made of composite materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber. Due to their size and shape, dedicated trailers are required for their safe and efficient transport. Blade trailers are elongated flatbeds with specialized support structures to secure and transport the lengthy and sometimes curved blades. Given the delicate nature of wind turbine blades, wind blade trailers are equipped with secure fastening systems that prevent movement or damage during transportation. To navigate tight turns and challenging terrains, Peerless wind blade trailers include advanced steering systems.

Innovative Design, Exceptional Performance

At Peerless, we redefine windmill blade transport with innovative solutions tailored to the unique demands of the wind energy market. Our wind turbine blade trailers epitomize cutting-edge design, ensuring optimal payload while minimizing tare weight for seamless 'On/Off' road capabilities.

Decades of Expertise

Benefit from over 75 years of industry expertise as we continue to shape the future of heavy haul transport. Our wind turbine heavy haul transport carriers – born from collaboration with industry leaders – reflect a legacy of success and a commitment to advancing product lines for our clients' competitive edge.

Precision Engineering

Peerless trailers boast meticulous engineering, with a focus on frame rail design that undergoes rigorous analysis—addressing stress, strain, fatigue, deflection, and stress-riser avoidance. This meticulous attention to detail ensures unmatched reliability in transporting wind turbine blades.

Production Excellence in North America

Located on 10 acres in Penticton, British Columbia, our state-of-the-art production facility is configured for Lean Flow production lines, tailored to varying trailer models. Peerless proudly serves customers across North America, delivering top-notch quality to the wind energy market.

Warranty Program

Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive warranty program, ensuring your investment is protected. Check our warranty page for detailed information.