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Schnabel Trailers

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Schnabel Trailers Overview

Schnabel Trailers by Peerless

Peerless schnabel trailer also known as a component trailer

What is a Schnabel Trailer?

A schnabel trailer is a specialized heavy-duty transport trailer designed to move extremely large, heavy , and irregularly-shaped cargo - typically wind energy turbines, heavy industrial equipment, or infrastructure components. The defining feature of schnabel trailers are the hydraulic arms or booms that securely hold and support large and heavy loads with precision load distribution. The term "schnabel" is German and translates to "beak" in English, which is a fitting name given the unique design of these trailers.

Why Peerless?

With a rich history dating back to 1944, Peerless has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing highly specialized trailers. Our Schnabel trailers benefit from over 75 years of accumulated expertise, guaranteeing a product built on a legacy of excellence.

Tailored Solutions for the Wind Energy Market

Peerless, a trusted name in North America, understands the unique demands of the wind energy market. Our Schnabel trailers are engineered to meet the specific challenges of transporting wind turbine components, offering a combination of reliability, durability, and innovative design.

North American Production Excellence

Our production facility in Penticton, British Columbia, spans 10 acres and is equipped with Lean Flow production lines configured for the diverse needs of Schnabel trailer models. By choosing Peerless, you are investing in a North American leader committed to delivering top-notch quality.