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Coil Tubing Trailer (CTU)

Coil Tubing Trailer (CTU) Overview

Coil Tubing Trailer for Sale

Coil Tubing Unit trailer for sale by Peerless Explore Coil Tubing Units for the oil and gas industry by Peerless Canada. Welcome to Peerless Trailers, your trusted partner in delivering top-of-the-line coil tubing units tailored to the demanding needs of the oil and gas industry. Our Coil Tubing Units (CTUs) redefine efficiency, precision, and safety, making them the ultimate choice for enhancing production and extraction processes in coiled tubing operations.

What are Coil Tubing Units?

Coil Tubing Units are specialized trailers crafted for the transportation of coiled tubing used in the oil and gas industry. These trailers play a crucial role in the well intervention process, enabling the deployment and retrieval of the coiled tubing reel for various applications, such as well cleaning, acidizing, and cementing. Every Peerless coil tubing trailer is engineered with precision and durability, featuring innovative design elements to ensure the safe and efficient handling of coiled tubing units on the road and on-site.

Trailer Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit by Peerless / Scona

In the ever-evolving world of oil and gas, a Peerless trailer mounted coiled tubing unit stands as the vanguard of precision and durability. Our coil tubing rigs are purpose-built to streamline oil & gas well intervention operations, improve production tubing performance, and ensure the utmost safety for your workforce. Peerless Coil Tubing Units are meticulously engineered to handle the rigors of coiled tubing drilling and well intervention with precision. Our large reel trailers maintain steady hydraulic pressure, letting you optimize oil and gas wells with unmatched efficiency.

Experience the Peerless Advantage

In the fast-paced world of the oil and gas industry, Peerless Trailers in Penticton, British Columbia is your trusted partner for operations across Canada and the United States. With over 75 years of expertise, Peerless has become synonymous with quality and reliability. Our coil tubing trailers are meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of coiled tubing operations, setting new standards for performance and safety. With Peerless, you're not just investing in equipment; you're investing in the future of your oil and gas production - backed by our warranty guarantee. Transform your operations today and embrace the Peerless advantage.