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Custom Booster Axle Assembly

Booster Trailer

Transporting heavy or overweight equipment across Canada or the United States? Safely increase your carrying capacity in critical heavy hauling situations with a Peerless booster trailer. You can rely on Peerless booster trailers for efficient set up and loading, even weight distribution, and compliance with road transport regulations across the USA & Canada. We manufacture reliable booster trailers with a variety of axle configurations and load transfer capacities – including single, tandem, tridem, and quad axles. Designed and manufactured in Canada, each booster axle assemby is built tough to withstand the harshest driving conditions with state-of-the-art braking and suspension systems (spring, hydraulics) to provide load transfer and keep you safe on the road. If you need a customized solution for specific axle loads, weight, or length, contact our team to get a quote today.


With over 75 years in the trucking business, Peerless has earned a reputation for quality and innovation. By collaborating directly with industry leaders, we've fashioned our trailers, jeeps, and boosters to satisfy particular needs in oil & gas, forestry, construction, mining, and wind energy. Through meticulous analysis of stress, strain, fatigue, and deflection, we've refined our designs to be trustworthy, efficient, and long-lasting. Our trailers are crafted by a seasoned team of over 50 production staff in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada.