Peerless - Running Bird

Designed specifically for well stimulation and intervention, leading-edge well stimulation trailers are changing the industry.

Our line of custom-designed well stimulation trailers is regarded throughout the industry as the premier mobile solution designed specifically for this unique equipment. Extremely rugged, these trailers are used in the harshest conditions throughout North America, Australia, Russia, Alaska, North Africa, and the Middle East.

With an adaptive, responsive, and innovative engineering department and a strong customer focus, We produces class-leading lightweight designs that evolve with the industry’s ever-changing requirements. Fully customizable, these trailers are built to meet your unique needs. We offer competitive and comprehensive solutions from concept to field on all our units.

You’ll find innovative trailers for frac and fluid pumpers, coiled tubing, cementing, nitrogen, and all other stimulation. Capacities range from 20-ton single-axle manifold trailers and 60-ton tridem and quad-axle coiled tubing trailers to 80-ton-plus, 24-wheel reel trailers.